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Amber Hoy 
Aruma National Business Development Manager, Shared Living

In honour of the Festival Of FUN rolling out in QLD and NSW this year, I offer the full support of Aruma.Aruma is a leading Disability service provider across the Eastern seaboard of Australia, supporting more than 5,050 people who have a disability.This event is the first of its kind that I have come across. We should applaud such an initiative that provides a safe, accessible, and welcoming environment, where people of all walks of life can come together and share in music, food, interactive activities, and each others company.As a society, it is essential to be able to enjoy our leisure time without physical and societal barriers. producing this environment, the organisers of the Festival of FUN are providing the community with a remarkable carnival of entertainment that can be enjoyed by all, regardless of ability.I am extremely pleased to see the ARHG Foundation is recruiting so many local artists for this event, especially those who have a disability and that theses planned to be an ongoing annual event. I look forward to future expansion into other States and Territories. The community should join Aruma in throwing its support behind this excellent initiative, which can only strengthen the lives of many. Let’s all work together to make this event a great success. Congratulations to Festival of Fun for their initiative in organising this event.

Paul Scully 

I write in relation to support the ARHG Foundation regarding the hosting of the Festival of Fun for People with Disabilities in Wollongong. 

Since in its formation in 2020, the ARHG Foundation has been supporting people with a disability as well as delivering events that bring the community together. 

I understand that the Festival of Fun is the first of its kind in Australia, holding its inaugural event last year in the Gold Coast. 

Following the success of the event, I understand that the Foundation it looking to host a future Festival of Fun in Wollongong. 

I have long been an advocate for the creation of more opportunities for people with a disability in my local community. The hosting of the festival in Wollongong would create positive social change in the broader community by promoting inclusion and cohesion. 

This event would provide an opportunity for the Illawarra to host an inclusive and accessible event for people of all abilities, friends, carers and families, and I support the application.

CR Tania Brown
Deputy Lord Mayor - Wollongong

It is my pleasure to provide a letter of support to you as you seek grant opportunities for the Festival of Fun.As a City Councillor and resident, I look forward to the Festival of Fun coming to Wollongong in 2024 and providing a family friendly, inclusive, all abilities event for our community to enjoy. A festival of this nature provides a unique opportunity for families to come together and enjoya day of music, activities and the all-important singalong, in an inclusive and accessible environment. Having the opportunity to have fun together with families, friends and carers isa gift and cause for celebration.I understand the inaugural Festival of Fun was held in QLD in 2022 and was supported by Gold Coast City Council and this is the first of its kind to be held in NSW. Wollongong prides itself on being a multicultural and inclusive city and one that celebrates diversity. The Festival of Fun aligns with these priorities and shares the values of promoting inclusion, embracing people of all-abilities and creating events that bring our community together in a fun and accessible way. I wish you and the Festival of Fun success in gaining

Stephen Jones
MP, Assistant Treasurer and Federal Member for Whitlam

Festival of FUN is an accessible live music event, specifically founded to overcome barriers to participation of people with disability in the music industry. It aims to bring people of all abilities together with their family, friends, carers and community. Providing funding for this event in Australia will allow people with a disability to take part in inclusive participation opportunities no matter where they live. 
I am a big supporter of events such as this, and I hope you consider this application. Yours sincerely, 

Allison Byrne's 

I write to express my strong support for ARHG Foundation application to seek funding for their Festival of FUN. 

The inaugural Festival of FUN was held in QLD in 2022 and again in 2024 and  we are expanding the event to Wollongong in Septembe. The Festival of FUN is Australia's first, family friendly, fully inclusive, and accessible festival with people with disability at the core of the Festival. The event is dedicated to providing inclusive participation and employment opportunities at all levels. 

The Festival of FUN will deliver significant community-wide benefits for not only Wollongong, but to each of the other communities where this innovative, inclusive festival will be expanded to. The Festival of FUN aims to unite community members of diverse ages, abilities, cultures, and backgrounds; improve health, wellbeing, and social/community connections for people with disability, their families, and our wider community; and deliver a large-scale annual community event that will attract tourist and visitors to the area and generate economic benefits for the region where the event is held. 

The event organisers the ARHG Foundation made the decision to make this event free to attend. By doing this, ARHG Foundation are removing the barriers around accessibility to make this event enjoyable for all. The impact of this event will help strengthen the community and encourage inclusivity. 

Tristan Knowles
OAM Recipient and 5 Time Paralympian

It really is a honour to be asked to be an ambassador of the Festival of Fun. The highlight is of course the incredible festival that days that we get to enjoy together but it is something very special to main terms of what the Festival of Fun stands for – equity and opportunity for everyone with a disability.I have had my disability for a long time but it wasn’t always easy early on, in fact it was unbelievably challenging for a very long period. It is a huge mountain to climb to the point where you feel proud of your disability, what the FoF is doing is helping Australians all over the country come together and have fun and help each other celebrate and be proud. Truly incredible!I realise a lot of time, work and effort goes into these events from some really dedicated people and the reality is that funding is critically important to the FoF so it can maximise its reach and impact. I applaud anyone that can help get behind this truly remarkable organisation and what they are aiming to do. If you are a small business, large or corporation or Government then please do what you can to chip in and join something very special and help change the lives of people living with disability all over the country.I am excited beyond words for the remainder of the year with the next festival happening in my ownhome town – Wollongong in September this year. Can’t wait to see you all there!

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