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Who We Are


Founder & CEO

 A dynamic leader, adept communicator, and passionate advocate for inclusivity. As the driving force behind the ARHG Foundation and the Festival of FUN, he's received numerous accolades for his tireless dedication to volunteering in the disability community. Recognized by the federal government for his outstanding contributions, David continues to raise funds and awareness to support individuals with disabilities throughout Australia. Through the Festival of FUN, he unites people of all abilities, empowering those with disabilities to lead vibrant lives while raising essential funds and educating others on how to offer support.



A seasoned leader with an extensive background as CEO in banking, professional sports, and charitable sectors, now channels his expertise into serving on the boards of twelve community, charity, and church organizations, including five as chairman. Embracing the Foundation's mission, he is committed to fostering inclusive communities and enabling individuals to pursue and achieve their aspirations. 

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