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Everything the ARHG Foundation does, aims to make the world a more inclusive and accessible place. All of our events are very UNIQUE, FUN and worthy of attending.

Our aim is to make the Festival of FUN the BIGGEST event in the world for participation for people with a disability.

Reach out, find out how and join us on this journey, everyone is welcome.

We aim to bring everyone together, with and without disabilities and get them to join us on the journey to make a difference to those living with disabilities. The benefits are more than just financial support. It is friendship, adventures, physical and mental health support, introductions, new service providers, FUN, singing, dancing as we drive to empower people with a disability to live a fuller more enjoyable life.

Our events we include promoting social inclusion, equality, awareness and understanding for all people living with a disability so they can feel better supported by the community and enjoy a more fulfilling life. We find this is a common cause of stress and depression.

A priority will be relieving distress and economic hardship associated with living with a disability. We will do this by providing financial support and introductions for those with disabilities who cannot afford to do it themselves.


In such ways as below:

Our aim will be:

  1. Providing financial and other material assistance to improve living conditions.

  2. Providing special equipment to assist with day-to-day activities and functions.

  3. Assisting with Respite care.

  4. Paying for and making improvements or modifications to a person’s home to accommodate for their disability and improve their living situation and remove the pressure and distress that comes with struggling at home when it is not suitable for disabilities.

  • Researching, developing, promoting, advocating for and/or encouraging opportunities for people with disabilities who cannot afford to experience accessible destinations, sporting facilities, recreation or other leisure activities and paying for them to be able to feel included and relieve some of the pressures and financial hardships of having a disability together with the distress of not feeling wanted or appreciated or normal in these situations.

  • Another aspect that is important to our Foundation is promoting physical and mental health by sending people with disabilities and their families on holidays for respite (where they otherwise would not have the means to afford such holidays).

  • Promoting, paying for and encouraging the personal development of people with disabilities who are unable to support themselves, thereby assisting them to grow, develop and live with agency, dignity, self-determination and acceptance in their communities is another way we aim to assist those in need.

  • We will be seeking to develop training, mentoring and educational programs to enhance the opportunities of people living with disabilities to gain skilled and paid employment, and to increase self-sufficiency and capacity.

  • Providing (or liaising with third parties to provide) facilities and services (land, buildings, funding, equipment, programmes, activities, initiatives and personnel) to aid in fulfilling these Objects for those with a disability who cannot afford to do it themselves.

  • Working with relevant entities including, but not limited to, government, semi-government, non-government, public, private and other authorities, instrumentalities, businesses, companies, individuals, charities and other bodies or interest groups wishing to assist and promote the interests and dignity of, and opportunities for people with disabilities who cannot afford to help themselves.

AIMS  &  Beneficiaries 

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